Tom is currently writing his first book - on contemporary architecture and cities - extremely slowly.

Previous publications include:


The Architecture of London 2012: Vision, Design, Legacy (Wiley, 2012)

The official guide to the construction and architecture of the London 2012 Olympic Games park and venues...

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'Higher and higher: how London bought the loft', in London: From Punk to Blair, ed Joe Kerr and Andrew Gibson (Reaktion, 2003)

An essay on the rise and fall of warehouse and loft-living in London, from the 1970s to the present day, within a book of essays on the culture of modern-day London...

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'The Authentic Landscape: architecture and citizenship in British architecture 1945-1951’, in Architecture, Tradition, Location ed Vittorio Lampugnani (DVA, 2000)

An essay on the post-WW2 reconstruction of British cities, within a book of essays examining local identity in architecture.

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